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Ascleway means favoring your life with water. In Chinese it sounds like HUI MEI as well, which implies life will become more beautiful.

Ascleway launched the project in December 2011, and the first medical device for hydrogen inhalation throughout the world was designed after 9 years’ R&D. By incorporating the nebulization of medicines with hydrogen gas inhalation, we have pioneered an innovative drug delivery system. With the development and application of a number of patent technologies, the combustibility of hydrogen has been successfully avoided and safe use guaranteed, filling the gaps in such devices at home and abroad. As such, up to 165 international patents, invention and utility model included, have been granted for our products.

We applied for classification management for our medical device in July 2014, and it was defined as Class III medical device by CFDA, the code number of which is 6823. In August 2015, our device passed the type test by Shanghai Testing & Inspection Institute For Medical Device (CMTC).

We are committed to the continuous development of the hydrogen industry, and fully support the research of molecular hydrogen medicine, hoping to apply this simple intervention method and measure to the areas of adjuvant therapy, elderly care, rehabilitation, sub-health, etc.